Policies and regulations are fully understood and advocated throughout our business

We are proud of our accreditations

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The safety of our employees is never compromised by other objectives or targets.

To keep these principles at the forefront we provide training, seminars and workshops to our employees as well as providing a representative for the NASC Safety Committee.

We also see it as our responsibility to share our experiences and initiatives with the wider industry through working parties with customers and competitors alike as well as trade associations in the pursuit of constantly improving safety standards.

We regularly evaluate the environmental effects of our activities at each operating site.

  • Minimising pollution through the use of properly designed, engineered and constructed equipment
  • Striving to reduce any emissions or effluents which may cause environmental damage
  • Extending the life cycle of materials and equipment through reduction, reuse or recycling
  • Sourcing our products from suppliers with nationally recognised sustainability certifications

We aim to create an environment of trust and integrity.

In doing so we ensure that our products meet our clients exact specifications and are delivered within the designated timeframes.

Our suppliers are just as valued. They are paid promptly and are carefully selected from companies that share our ethical values.

We donate 1% of our annual profits to charities.

We believe we are all entitled to a life where we feel safe, respected and appreciated.

This is reflected across both our employees and our communities where we promote acceptance and support across all race, colour, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

We therefore encourage our personnel to support charities and local groups, as we continue to have pride in being able to donate 1% of our annual profits to charitable causes.